Precious Moments
Production Marks and Symbols

Each Precious Moments figurine has whatís known as an annual production mark ( symbol ) located on the bottom of it. This  mark identifies the actual year the figurine was made. Except for a few early releases, the symbol is slightly imprinted into the porcelain. Occasionally, a yearly production mark is missing from a figurine, which can impact its value, often favorably.

Donít confuse the production mark with the copyright date on the bottom of the figurine or on the box it came in. The copyright date is the date the artwork was actually copyrighted and not the date it was made. Production usually starts later that year or the following year and the date it is actually made is marked with a symbol on the figurines bottom.

How long a specific figurine design remains in production is determined by many factors, including whether or not itís a limited edition, and how popular it was with collectors.

Year Mark Description
Pre-1981 [No Mark] Unmarked
1981 Triangle Triangle
1982 Hourglass Hourglass
1983 Fish Fish
1984 Cross Cross
1985 Dove Dove
1986 Olive Branch Olive Branch
1987 Cedar Tree Cedar Tree
1988 Flower Flower
1989 Bow & Arrow Bow & Arrow
1990 Flame Flame
1991 Vessel Vessel
1992 G Clef G Clef
1993 Butterfly Butterfly
1994 Trumpet Trumpet
1995 Ship Ship
1996 Heart Heart
1997 Sword Sword
1998 Eyeglasses Eyeglasses
1999 Star Star
2000 Cracked Egg Cracked Egg
2001 Sandal Sandal
2002 Cross-in-heart Cross in Heart
2003 Crown Crown
2004 Three-leaf Flower 3-Leaf Flower
2005 Loaf of Bread Loaf of Bread
2006 House House
2007 Hammer Hammer
2008 Stylized Heart Stylized Heart
2009 Sheaf of Wheat Sheaf of Wheat
2010 Tree Tree
2011 Inheritance Scroll Inheritance Scroll
2012 Box with Bow Box with Bow
2013 New Flame Flame (new)
Used Mark Description
"We Belong To The Lord" (Model#: 103004) Diamond Diamond
Any figurines benefitting the National Easter Seal Society Easter Seals Lily Easter Seals Lily
"Good Friends Are Forever" (Model#: 525049) Rosebud Rosebud
1991 "Bless Those Who Serve Their Country" figurines 1991 Flag 1991 Flag
1992 "Bless Those Who Serve Their Country" figurines 1992 Flag 1992 Flag
2002 "America Forever" figurines 2002 Flag 2002 Flag