Barbie - Sydney 2000

Released Size Box  Item Edition Size
Released 1991 13" Yes   028512



1523 Saguaro Stallion - A former creative director with a New York marketing agency, John has enjoyed a successful second career in the arts after moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, where his paintings focus on highly personalized, contemporary interpretations of Nature. His extraordinary rendering of the wondrous effects of a moonrise and sunrise on a stand of saguaro cactus captures John's goal as a painter, which is "to offer new dimensions in how we see our one-of-a-kind desert landscape."

Artist: John Geryak
Theme: Western Ponies
Material: Resin
Size: 6"
Item: 1470
Edition: 2E/5463

It is in excellent condition and comes in its original box with  styrofoam packing and numbered hang tag. Thanks for looking.