Schwebel's Crosswalk Marker

Circa Size Box Value
1933 4" No $152.50
eBy Sale 9-27-15


National Safety Eng.

Birmingham, ALA

This is an authentic Schwebel's crosswalk marker. It is set in wet cement or asphalt near school crossings and used to mark crosswalks to provide both a safety to mark the crossings and of course advertising Schwebel's.


More than 100 years ago, Joseph and Dora Schwebel began baking bread in their kitchen and selling fresh loaves door to door to their neighbors in Youngstown, Ohio. Their belief was by building their customers' trust, they could also build a successful business.

Their instincts were right. Today, Schwebel Baking Company is one of the fastest growing independent, family-owned wholesale bakers in America, producing more than 700,000 packages of bread products at its four baking facilities and 30 distribution centers across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. Schwebel's services retail and foodservice customers, providing branded products under the Schwebel's, 'taliano, Millbrook, Country Hearth, Cinnabon, Sun-Maid and Roman Meal brandnames.