Hallmark Disney Mickey Ornament Stand

Released Size  Original Cost ID
2014 17" x 20" $49.95 QHA1034




QHA1034 - 2014 Hallmark Disney Mickey Ornament Display Stand. It has the outline of Mickey's head and measures approximately 17" high and 20" wide. It originally sold for $49.95 and holds up to 12 miniature ornaments.

Suggestion: when placing an ornament in the stand, hold it sideways inserting the ornament loop into the stand hook. The ornament will slip into the stand much easier if you hold it sideways than if you hold it facing you.

Note: This is a borrowed photo as the one being offered is brand new and sealed in the original box. The ornaments on the stand are not included. 

Quantity 2  - Box 15x15x5 Shipping weight 4-5