The Duncan Royale History of Santa collection represents the evolution of Santa and gift-givers from 2000 B.C. to the 20th Century. The thirty-six piece limited edition collection was created in three editions, 1983, 1985, and 1990 and each piece had a limit of 10,000.

The pieces were produced in several sizes and materials. They were manufactured in 18", 12", 8", 6" and 3" heights, and, on three sizes of decorative plates. The 8" was carved from seasoned maple in the village of Dolfi, Tyrolia, Italy. The 3" are pewter and can be used as tree ornaments. Set One came in one box (below) while Set Two came in individual boxes within a larger box. The 6" comes on a 1" base and a music box base. There is a small musical snowglobe, too. The 18", 12" and 6" are cold cast porcelain. There was also a set of 1" lapel pins for the first set.

Duncan Royale also made a display piece for those dealers ordering and maintaining a certain inventory level. This was called the Signature Piece and may be the item with the lowest production in the collection. Strangely, these sell for much less than the traditional pieces. Most collectors have no idea they exist.

The pieces in the entire collection are available for sale year around but the heaviest concentration begins in late October. Complete sets of the individual series are offered from time to time. Rarer are complete series sets that have the same serial number. The very, very rarest would be a complete set of all thirty-six with the same serial number. It may not even exist. Max Duncan, the creative genius behind the business, traveled widely among the retailers and signed many pieces for loyal customers. (Thanks, Max!)

This collection changed the world of Santa collectibles. Before these issues debuted very, very few people had even heard of these stories. Many unrelated companies entered the holiday decoration business because of the incredible popularity of the Duncan Royale Santa. These will always be admired and sought after.

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