#129 New London Ledge Connecticut Lighthouse

Released Size  Number Edition Size
1991 5"W x 5"D  x5.5"H  129 5500


Younger Enterprises
#129 New London Ledge Connecticut Harbour Lights Lighthouse. Released in 1991, the edition number of 4804 / 5500 is on the  the placard in front of the figurine.  

It measures approximately 5" wide, 5" deep and 5.5"' high. It is in excellent condition and comes as shown in the original box carefully packed in loose styrofoam chips. Note: the their is no COA and the box is shelf worn from storage.


New London Ledge Lighthouse was built in 1909 on the Southwest Ledge in Connecticut. It was originally called the Southwest Ledge light, but it was felt this could be confused with another lighthouse in New Haven, the Southwest Ledge Light, so in 1910 they renamed to New London Ledge Light.


New London Ledge is locally famous for the ghost of an early keeper, nicknamed "Ernie," who allegedly haunts the lighthouse. The Coast Guard crew on duty at the lighthouse, not automated until 1987, reported unexplained knockings taking place at night, as well as doors opening and closing repeatedly, the television turning on and off by itself sporadically, and the unexplained removal of sheets from beds.

In the crew's log, on the last night before the automated light system was installed, the unknown author, a Coast Guard officer, wrote the following: "Rock of slow torture. Ernie's domain. Hell on earth – may New London Ledge’s light shine on forever because I’m through. I will watch it from afar while drinking a brew."

In the 1990s, a television reporter from Japan spent a night inside the lighthouse to investigate the story of Ernie, and loud whispering noises—allegedly audible on-camera—were heard throughout the night. Ledge Light was furthermore featured on paranormal reality shows such as Scariest Places on Earth and Ghost Hunters. On the latter program, investigators from The Atlantic Paranormal Society concluded that despite a few unexplained phenomena, such as cold spots, there was not enough evidence to determine any paranormal activity taking place at the lighthouse.

0624160500    3-4 lbs 12x12x9 box