Alvin & Gunk

Released Size  Original Cost ID
1951  4-5/8"    


Owens Illinois Glass Co.


Alvin is the little neighbor boy who is younger than Lulu and is often vexing towards her and her family. To placate the extremely troublesome Alvin, Lulu usually tells him stories, often starring Lulu and her mother, as a poor family who usually tries to make ends meet with little. Later on, even though Lulu as a poor girl is still used, the wicked Witch Hazel and her equally evil niece, Little Itch, became the antagonists of the stories. Alvin has a younger brother named Cedric, who torments him, just as he torments Lulu. In the "Tubby" series, he had his own stories by himself or with another little girl named Kathie.

One side of the glass features Alvin, the reverse side features his pet frog Gunk. The glass is in really nice condition, no chips, cracks or flea bites....nice graphics front and back.