Gloria Darling & Tipper

Released Size  Original Cost ID
1951  4-5/8"   4038498


Owens Illinois Glass Co.


Gloria Darling - A rich friend of Lulu, Gloria's last name varied with the stories (for example, Goode, Love, or Sweet), as was not unusual with some of the characters but was often connected with Wilbur, as she was never in the same economic stratum as he was. She would use Tubby in order to make Wilbur jealous and vice versa. At times, she and Lulu would never be shown antagonistic, due to Lulu's excitement and that Gloria was too "girly" for Lulu's liking, but when united against the common enemy (boys) including Wilbur, they could be friendly forever.

One side of the glass features Gloria the reverse side features her pet cat Tipper.