Tubby Tom & Flipper

Released Size  Original Cost ID
1951  4-5/8"    


Owens Illinois Glass Co.


Thomas "Tubby" Tompkins: Tubby, whose real name is Thomas, is Lulu's friend and the leader of the fellers. He has helped Lulu many times and has tormented her just as much. His closest friends are Eddie, Willy and Iggy, who happens to be Annie's twin brother. When they are together, they can be as nice to Lulu as any boy would. His parents, Jim and Ellie Tompkins, have less patience with his antics than Lulu's parents had with hers. In fact, Tubby was spanked with more frequency than Lulu. As the junior detective, later nicknamed "the Spider", he has helped Lulu get out of hot water when she is punished for something that her father has done. In his own title, Tubby appeared on his own, without Lulu. In addition, he had whimsical adventures with tiny aliens from another planet.

One side of the glass features Tubby and reverse side features his pet dog Flipper.