Wilbur Van Snobbe & Nick

Released Size  Original Cost ID
1951  4-5/8"    


Owens Illinois Glass Co.


Wilbur Van Snobbe is a snobby rich kid who antagonizes not just Lulu, but everyone else (except Annie, Gertie, Margie, Gloria and the other girls who never antagonizes Lulu because she is their friend), as he thinks he is superior to his peers. One of his least endearing traits is the patronizing and extremely rude way that he treats his servants, which cause him to be referred to as "brat!" (Originally, his name was "Van Snobble", but was later accepted as Van Snobbe.

Wilbur's nemesis was Gertie Greenbean, who fought him two times until they decided to become friends for now on. He has also clashed with Tubby on many occasions, but in the end, is vanquished, bested and humiliated because he so often underestimates his opponents.

One side of the glass features Wilbur the reverse side features his pet cow Nick.