La Maison Donaldson Mickey

Released Size EAN Edition Size
1997 35cm 657962 01391 / 2000



Steiff La Maison De Donaldson Mickey.  Outfitted in 1997 by the La Maison De Donaldson clothing store in Brussels, Belgium. Mickey was made to replicate his first appearance as pie-eyed Mickey in 1928.

 He is made of mohair, is 35cm's high, is not jointed and is edition number is 01391/2000.    

He was purchased new and remains in simply perfect condition. He comes with his certificate that we unfolded after 20 years to photograph.

His box is very nice but three of the four corners of the lid are torn. Note: this box is a poor design and when you try to put the lid on it, it wants to slide down and that's how the lid got torn. Others we have seen all do the same thing....see last photo.

Thanks for looking.