Wizard Of Oz Tin Man

Released Size EAN Edition Size
2015 30cm 682640 1,939


Steiff Wizard Of Oz Tin Man

Released in 2015, he is a fully jointed 30cm bear. His EAN number is 682640 and his edition number is 125 out of 1939 made. The edition size correlates with the opening of the Wizard of Oz film in 1939.

He is made from the finest grey felt with blue and black eyes and hand embroidered grey mouth and nose. He features a round face, little ears and cute hat, just as he wore in the film.
He is wearing a jacket that slips over his arms and legs.

In the film the Tin Man was found in the forest and he had rusted after being caught in the rain.
His dear friends used his oil can to release him and he tells them of his desire for a heart.
Steiff created a red heart-shaped watch pendant that he wears around his neck. Steiff also designed special buttons which are on his jacket and outfit.

It is in excellent condition and comes in the original box, watch pendant and certificate. Thanks for looking.