Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch

Released Size EAN Edition Size
2013 28cm 682407 1,939


Steiff Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch

Released in 2013, she is a fully jointed 28cm bear. Her EAN number is 682407 and her edition number is 125 out of 1939 made. She is a UK Ireland and USA limited edition.

She has been sewn, from a luxurious, specially milled and green dyed mohair to match that of the original screen make-up, with contrasting wool felt paws. Her black glass eyes have hand painted detailing, emphasizing her evilness, whilst a bold black nose, gives a dramatic look.

She wears a pointed, wool felt hat with black organza trim, plus a much smaller version, of the dress worn by Margaret Hamilton, in a decadent swirl, of black satin. Her trusty broom is the final missing piece along with a 75th Anniversary Medallion that she wears around her neck upon a black satin ribbon, (she is the only piece in the series to bear this).

The original Wizard of Oz film was released in 1939 - so Steiff made the edition size to correlate to that year. 

It is in excellent condition and comes in the original box with broom, medallion and certificate. Thanks for looking.