1988 WDW 1st Convention Bear


1988 WDW 1st Convention Bear

Event Date

EAN Edition Size Size Jointed

December 7-11 1988

0243/32 See explanation below 32cm Fully
The Entire Story of the 1988 Steiff WDW Convention Teddy Bear

The 1st Annual WDW Teddy Bear Convention was held at Epcot on December 7th-11th, 1988. Bear manufacturers had booths set up throughout World Showcase with collectible bears for sale. Each company that was invited was required to produce a limited edition bear. Steiff agreed to produce 2,000 small 32cm bears called "Antique Teddy" and put that quantity size on their ear tag.

It became clear very early on that they were not going to sell that many, so Steiff only made 1,000 of them and put a red ribbon around each bears neck clearly stating that the edition size was 1,000.

Of course this then became a problem as the ear tag said 2,000 and the ribbon said 1,000 so they cut off that portion of the ribbon that had the quantity on it. I know this for a fact as I saw a bear with the original ribbon before it was cut.  Also, if you look at the ribbon you will see no two are the same and each one clearly was cut with scissors and all in different places. Pay close attention especially below the words limited edition as the quantity was just below those words.

When the convention ended, the bear didn't sell out and most everyone that attended agrees that far less than a thousand were sold and that the real number is around 500. Sometimes what happens when an edition is not sold out, that same bear is issued in some other way but it didn't happen with the first Disney bear. It is concluded that there are only approximately 500 bears in existence of the 1st WDW Disney bear. 00 7010