Bireley's Syrup Line Glass

Circa Size  Value
1950's 4 5/8" $25.00


Libbey  This is a vintage Bireley's syrup line glass with various measuring lines for their soda's and other drinks. It was made by Libbey Glass Co, and the L logo is etched on the bottom of the glass.

Bireley’s California Orange (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Was established in 1948 by William Jardine from USA. Bireley’s is the first branch abroad of Bireley’s California Orange of USA. Initially located near Mahachai Road, Bangkok, Bireley’s moved to its present location in Nonthaburi 1 Road in 1968.

In 1997, Bireley’s was taken over by Pokka Corporation Japan. However, in 2003, a Thai investor, with the support from Bireley’s USA, took over the company back from Pokka.

Bireley’s orange juice and other drinks are high quality non-carbonated natural juice drinks. Bireley’s imports fruit concentrate from California. The concentrate is blended with filtered sugar syrup, citric acid and purified water. The finished product is then passed through a plate pasteurizer at 90-95 ํc and fill into glass bottles at 85 ํc. This hot filling process assures the quality and long shelf life of the finished product.

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