WE Syrup Line Glass

Circa Size  Value
1910's  4" $100.00


  This vintage syrup line glass is shown in the 1996 Petretti's Soda Pop Collectors Guide on page 204.
 This a WE syrup line glass that we believe was from the early 1910's to 1920's.  It was bottled by HyGRADE water & Soda Co. St Louis, MO.

Here is an old picture of a sign that someone took years ago with a one step camera showing the WE soda.

The glass is in nice condition and stands about 4 inches tall. The label shows a man in a suit like outfit with a bow tie walking with a female cartoon looking flair glass that has arms and legs and there is a syrup line right under them . There are no markings on the bottom of the glass.