Brigham's Ice Cream

Circa Size  Value
1950's ? 4 1/2" ?


  This vintage syrup line glass is from Brigham's Ice Cream and has a small syrup line on the back of the glass.  We can only assume this glass is from the 50's.

Brigham's was founded in 1914 by Edward L. Brigham in
Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. In 1914, Brigham opened a shop, where he sold ice cream and candy, which he made in the back of the store. Originally, ice cream was sold for five cents and sundaes for 20 cents. Brigham's ice cream became so popular that the local police were called upon to control weekend crowds.

 In 1929, Brigham's merged with Symmes' Durand Company, establishing the basis of today's Brigham's with the opening of three additional stores and an ice cream manufacturing plant.

Throughout the 1930s and 1940s business flourished and 20 new stores opened.