Original Coca-Cola Syrup Line Glass
Variation 2

Circa Size  Value
1900-1904 4" $1,000.00


Federal Glass

No F in shield on the bottom

This is an authentic Coca-Cola straight sided glass. There were two versions of this glass, and this one has a solid  syrup line around the entire glass, and the graphic from the letter C  in Cola is not connected to it but does connect to the L in.

 It has "Coca-Cola" on the front. The glass measures 4" inches tall. It does have a shield mark in the bottom but there is no "F" in it, like the current reproductions. 

Reproduction glasses were made in the 1970's by the Federal Glass Co. To identify them, the logo on the bottom is the letter "F" in a fancy font that stands for Federal Glass Co.

Short History:

This straight sided glass is the first marked fountain glass to contain coca-cola. It also was the glass that fit in the silver glass holders, although you always see people putting the flare glasses in the holders which is incorrect.  The syrup lines aren't etched, they are actually applied by a process that in effect "stamps" a mixture of white paint and varnish onto the glass. Then the glass is reheated to harden the graphics. That is why original flare glasses and strait sided glasses look so crude when compared to modern silk screening. They also have a straight lip which is very easily chipped, unlike the newer modified flare glasses of the 20's that had a rolled lip to avoid chipping. They cost too much extra, especially with the glass holder that not many were produced during that time frame, and therefore they are considered fairly rare items.