Blackman's Fruitee Syrup Line Glass

Circa Size  Value
1960's 6 3'4" $45.00


F Shield mark of Federal Glass


This is a frosted zombie glass advertising Blackmanís Fruitee. This glass has the word FRUITEE in the center with "Real Fruit Flavor" underneath it.  Note: a zombie glass is a tall, narrow glass occasionally used for serving zombie cocktails and other mixed drinks.  


Blackman History
Blackmanís Fruitee was a ready to use flavored syrup made with real fruit juices by M.R. Blackman & Co., Inc. in Philadelphia, Pa. back in the 1960's or so. Theyíre completely frosted except for their clear bottoms, and and these are the rare ones with red, green & orange . They stand 6-3/4" tall with a rim diameter just shy of 2-1/2" and a base diameter of 2-1/8". Hold 13 oz. Bottoms carry the F in a shield mark of Federal Glass. Perfect size for iced tea, lemonade, or a "Fruitee" of your own.