Junior's Egg Cream Soda

Circa Size  Value
1950's 5 3/4" $25.00


New York  This glass is most likely not a vintage one but a newer one from the Junior's Restaurant in New York. It says to fill it  with Fox's Ubet Chocolate on the fill line.

History - Legend has it that a soda jerk named Louis Auster invented the egg cream in Brooklyn in 1890. For true aficionados, there is only one flavor of egg cream and that is chocolate. Exactly how egg creams got their name is the subject of some speculation. One story goes that "egg cream" is actually an English barbarization of the French "chocolat et crme.

" A favorite theory, however, suggests that the beverage was so named because the foamy white collar that floats on top vaguely resembles egg whites. But Ed Marks, an amateur historian of soda fountain-ology, claims there was a time when egg creams did contain eggs. "I grew up in northern Jersey, and I know the time when I was growing up, they used egg yolks to smooth out the taste," he says. Egg cream experts say the ideal egg cream separates into three different colors, with dark chocolate syrup on the bottom, creamy chocolate milk in the middle and a thick layer of white foam on top.

Note: The glass has a tiny nick on just below the rim....very hard to see.