Keodinger's Extra Pale Dry Ginger Ale
Syrup Line Glass

Circa Size  Value
1920's  5.25 $55.00


 Kutztown Pa.
Kutztown Soda Works dates back to 1851 and was founded by Ed Immel, who sold flavored beverages and a variety of drinks both alcoholic and not, for 37 years. From then, it has changed hands many times, with one of its most interesting periods coming in the late 1920s, when Percy H. Keodinger, hamstrung by Prohibition rules, introduced the Birch Beer recipe to a line of fifteen other soda drinks. Itís not too sweet, and apparently the ďtriple-filtered carbonationĒ keeps the drink light. Itís just a perfect bottle of purple-black heaven.

The business is still located in its home of Kutztown, PA, and is sold nationwide, either at specialty shops like Jungle Jimís or the Rocket Fizz chain, or at stores that cater to the Pennsylvania Dutch community.