Margo Root Beer Syrup Line Glass

Released Size  Value
1950's  4 5/8" $35.00


Boston, Ma.  This glass has a 1 oz. syrup line and says Margo Bonder Root Beer. Aged in Wood.

What we know so far. The company was actually the Lenox Company, a distributor of flavored syrups including Margo Root Beer. The Lenox Company was housed in what was originally a mercantile shipping warehouse on the Boston Harbour and built in 1846.

Now, addressed as 158 State Street, Boston, Ma. (block from Faneuil Hall) The building was designed by Gridley James Fox Bryant (1816-1899), a famous 19th century architect and builder whose projects included Boston's Old City Hall and one of the additions to the Boston State House among others.

In the 1940s or 1950s, the Lenox Company went out of business and the building was taken over by the Harbourside Inn and converted to 54 rooms. The Harbourside decided to keep the original wooden barrels used to make Margo's. They operated Margo's Bistro off of the lobby. Until 2006, when the Harbourside renovated again (98 rooms) you could still get a Margo's Root Beer or Margo's Root Beer Martini made in the original barrels. Sad end to to an interesting history.