Mr. Nibbs Syrup Line Glass

Released Size  Value
1940's 4 3/4" $75.00


Libbey Inc.
Toledo, Ohio
This is a glass made for the Mr. Nibbs brand of beverages, which were drink mixers made in the 1940s by the Heinz Beverages division of the H. J. Heinz Company. We are very sure the word beverages was put on the glass to measure the syrup instead of a line.

The drink mixers they made included Ginger Ale, Club Soda and Grapefruit Mixer. After getting its start in 1888, the Heinz Company grew rapidly, producing a huge variety of food and beverages in the US and abroad by the 1920s. There isnít a lot of information available about Mr. Nibbs, but evidently, the drink mixer business was another one that Heinz dabbled in during the 1940s, when this glass was made. It measures 4 ĺ inches high and was made by Libbey about 1944.