Pur-Ox Syrup Line Glass

Circa Size  Value
1920's  4" $35.00


  This 1920ís vintage PUR-OX syrup line glass has Pur-ox Beverages and the syrup measuring line etched on one side of the glass.

The history of Pur-Ox begins with Horlacher Brewing Company of Allentown, PA. Horlacher produced high quality beer until Prohibition came along in 1920. In 1921 Horlacher switched over their factory to produce fountain drinks and sodas. After prohibition they switched back to the beer business.

*Horlacher only used the Pur-ox brand during prohibition so this tumbler dates to sometime between 1921 and the repeal in 1933.

This vintage syrup line glass is shown in the 1996 Petretti's Soda Pop Collectors Guide on page 208.