Sealtest Syrup Line Glass

Circa Size  Value
1950's 6" $95.00


  Libby Excellent Sealtest Dairy Ice Cream / Soda fountain glass. We are assuming it is from the 50's but haven't been able to verify it yet.

The Sealtest Dairy Company was a division of the National Dairy Products Corporation. It was launched in 1935 as an ice cream brand to replace several regional brands. Sealtest produced milk and ice cream in factories across the United States and had a reputation for making all natural ice cream. Beginning in 1940, “The Sealtest Food Adviser” was published with recipes that used Sealtest milk. In 1949 Sealtest published and distributed a booklet with ice cream recipes called, “New Ways with Ice Cream”. These booklets helped fuel the ice cream craze that was already well under way.

Recipes for sundaes, parfaits and sodas were also published in “Life” magazine in the 1950s. Sealtest even had an ice cream parlor in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida. Today the Sealtest brand is owned by Natrel of Quebec, Canada and is no longer available in US stores.