Thomas Kinkade - 3 Old World Santa Collection - #1
Dawn of Christmas Day Santa
Frosty Christmas Eve Santa
Christmas Journey's End Santa

Released Size Edition Size Edition Number
2003   95 Firing Days  


Heirloom Ashton Drake


These three beautiful ornaments are the first issues in the Thomas Kinkade Old World Series Santas.They were inspired by the art of Thomas Kinkade and produced exclusively by Heirloom Ornaments from Ashton-Drake.

On the left is "Dawn of Christmas Day Santa". He is approximately 4" high and 4" wide.

In the center is "Frosty Christmas Eve Santa". He is approximately 4" high and 5" wide.

On the right is "Christmas Journey's End Santa". He is approximately 4'" high 2-3/4" wide.

Each ornament is simply perfect in every way, and each has a gold tag attached to his string hanger. The set comes with the certificate of authenticity in the original styrofoam packing ( shelf worn with writing). Thanks for looking.  

 0814160250  - box 12x12x9 - 1-2lbs