Marx Windup Tin Walking Pinocchio

Released Size Box Value
1950's 5 1/2" High No $725.00


Vintage 1950's Pinocchio Tin Litho Wind Up Toy by Linemar. Measures 5-1/2" in height with fixed wind up key and stop/go lever. Wind key, slide lever to "Go", and Pinocchio moves his head from side to side as he marches across a flat surface while moving his arms up and down. Colorful litho with a detailed happy facial expression makes for a great display. Back marked with the Linemar logo as well as "Linemar Co. Inc., Walt Disney Productions".

This toy is in excellent condition considering age. Wind up mechanism and all features function properly. Litho is nice and bright with only light wear - some light scratches throughout body and a small rub on the left cheek. Original key still firmly attached to side and stop/go lever nice and tight.