Angelus Hourglass / Sand Timer

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Angelus Swiss Watch Company
Vintage Angelus Swiss WatchMaker Solid Brass Pivoting Hourglass/Sand Timer.

Angelus Watch Company began life in 1891, started by two brothers in the Swiss village of Le Locle, home of many famous watch brands. The Stolz brothers incorporated many advanced mechanisms into their watches at an early stage and because of their ingenuity, won many prizes for excellence. Producing both wrist and pocket watches, the company soon established itself as a major force in horological circles. Angelus is also among the favorite for collectors of defunct watchmakers having been ruined by cheap quartz movements in the early 1980's

It is approximately 4" high, and filled with pink sand. It looks nice and works great, but does have pitting issues from age ( please see all photos ). Thanks for looking.