Coca-Cola Cigar Bands

Coca-Cola cigars were sold in the open market, and given away at company banquets in the 1930's. 

In today's anti-tobacco climate, cola company officials are cagey about providing information regarding their internal house-brand cigars.

Below are two of the three bands I know of. The one on the left features a band with a Coca-Cola bottle the other has a Coca-Cola Glass.  The story goes that the band with the glass was intended for fountain sales stores or suppliers, the one with the bottle went to bottlers.....not sure what they mean by bottlers. It is important to note that we have yet to see any photographic proof of one of these labels actually being attached to a wrapped cigar, leading us to believe they were printed and given with the cigar??....hmmmm. The photo below of a box of Coca-Cola cigars proves these cigars actually existed, and sold to not only the general public but used as give-aways at Coca-Cola functions.

There was a Fortune Magazine in 1933 that featured cigar bands, but the Coca-Cola band they showed was an apparent fake. Click here to read the full story about the article.


Here are a few things to support that Coca-Cola cigars actually existed.

Here is a rare glimpse of a Coca-Cola catalog
 advertising the Coca-Col Cigars in 1940.

The cover and page from 1940 Coca-Cola catalog. The facing page advertises Coca-Cola chewing gum.

Rare glimpse at the almost extinct Sprite Cigar