Walt Disney's
Mickey Mouse Club Magazine
Publication of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine began while the show was in its original production.  It started as a quarterly magazine in the winter of 1956. From there it went to bimonthly and changed its name to Walt Disney's Magazine after 8 issues with the last one being published on April 1957.

Each issue featured articles about the Mouseketeers, retellings of the Mickey Mouse Club serials, and other articles on topics ranging from geography to science to history. 

Issued from Winter 1956 through April 1957

    1956 Mickey Mouse Club Magazine  tv1-2.jpg (13705 bytes) Mixkey Mouse Club Magazine #3 #4 Mickey Mouse Club Magazine

    Mickey Mouse Club #5   tv2-2.jpg (12973 bytes) April 1957 - Mickey Mouse Club Magazine

Walt Disney's Magazine

During the second year of publication, the title changed to Walt Disney's Magazine.  Peak circulation was estimated to be about 200,000.  Covers featured a variety of MMC stars or depicted characters from the latest Walt Disney theatrical releases.  In all, 22 issues were published along with three hard cover books which reprinted articles from the magazine.   In the past, collecting a complete set could take some time.  Now thanks to the online auctions, numerous additional copies have become available.

Issued from June 1957 through October 1959

Walt Disney's Magazine - June 1957 1957 August Walt Disney's Magazine Walt Disney's Magazine - Aug 1957 tv3-1.jpg (13520 bytes) Walt Disney's Magazine - Feb 1958

    tv3-3.jpg (13714 bytes) April 1958 Walt Disney's Magazine tv3-5.jpg (11561 bytes) tv3-6.jpg (14312 bytes) Decemver 1958 Walt Disney's Magazine
  tv4-2.jpg (14917 bytes) April 1959 Walt Disney's Magazine tv4-4.jpg (13404 bytes) tv4-5.jpg (17060 bytes) October 1959


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