Glossary of Pez Terms


When you compare PEZ dispensers, you'll notice that sellers use certain
 abbreviations to describe them.

BIA: Looney Tunes Back in Action.

Club Med Face: Club Med face PEZ dispensers have color variations with faces that are darker (or more tan) than original PEZ dispensers.

DBP: Deutsche Bundes Patent. Patent found on some German/Austrian PEZ dispensers.

FEB: Fat Eared Bunny.

FBS: Full Body Santa.

FBST: Full Body Space Trooper.

GITD: Glow in the Dark.

IMC: Injection Mold Code. Code found on some PEZ dispensers produced in Austria, Hong Kong, Yugoslavia, and the United States that indicates which country and facility produced the PEZ dispenser.

JITB: Jack In The Box.

JL: Johnny Lightning.

MAF: Make A Face.

MMM: Merry Music Maker.

NGG: Non-Glowing Ghosts.

SW: Star Wars.

TRU: Toys 'R' Us.

TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Other common listing abbreviations include:

LE: Limited edition. Limited edition PEZ dispensers are produced in a limited number, often come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and typically feature two sets of numbers on the back or base. The higher number indicates the total number produced and the lower number indicates which one you (or a seller) have.

NR: No reserve. Seller has not set a minimum price for sale.

MIB: Mint in Bag. A new, never displayed PEZ dispenser.

MOC: Mint on Card. Unopened, not necessarily perfect, PEZ dispenser.

MOMC: Mint on Mint Card.

NF: No feet.

COA: Certificate of Authenticity.

NLA: No longer available.

NRFP: Never removed from package.

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