Orange Crush Syrup Line Glass - Variation 2

Circa Size  Value
1940's 4 7/8" $40.00


 Bottom of glass This glass has slightly tapered sides. The wording on the glass is similar to another variation ( 5 ) but the word Orange is smaller, the text T.M.REG.U.S.PAT.OFF is larger with no spacing between the letters. The is no space between T.M.REG.U.S.PAT.OFF. and FRUIT FLAVORED DRINK.  The glass has no makers mark so we are not positive who made the glass.


  The Orange Crush Company was incorporated in 1916 by Clayton J. Howel of Los Angeles, California. He had previously introduced the successful soft drink syrup, Howel’s Orange Julep. He worked with his partner, Neil C. Ward to perfect the formula for a new and improved orange-flavored soft drink. Their invention was introduced as Ward’s Orange Crush. Today the Orange Crush brand is owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group in Plano, Texas.

This glass was made by the Federal Glass Company, as shown by the cap “F” and shield marking on the base. Federal Glass began using this marking after 1930. It reads, “Orange-Crush Fruit Flavored Beverage”. This type of glass was used at soda fountains in the 1930s. The line across the base indicated the amount of syrup to be added to the glass. Then the carbonated water would be added to finish the drink