Dr. Pemberton's Soda Fountain Bear Collection
Created by the The Cavanaugh Group International - Coca-Cola Company's premier licensee quality collectible merchandise.

1st Series - 1998

Bearnice Bearringer

HH0204 - Mom to Cubbie and Tessie Bear.

Tessie Bear Bearringer

HH0206 - The daughter of Bernice Bearringer and Cubbie Bearringer's sister.

Cubby Bearringer

HH0205 - The handsome thirteen year old son of Bearnice Bearringer, and Tessie Bear Bearringer's brother.

Bearry Bearresford

HH0203 - Dr. Pembearton's notorious soda jerk

Lillian Bearica

HH0202 - The Coca-Cola calendar girl.

Dr. John S. Pembearton

HH0201 - Inventor or Coca-Cola and proprietor of Dr. Pemberton's Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe. 
Second Series - 1999

Officer Zoltan Bearrezinski

HH0211 - Officer Zoltan Bearrezinski

Bearleft Atfork

HH2016 - Soda Fountain Anniversary bear  "Bearleft Atfork"

Frau Bruinhilda Bearlinger

HH0213 - Regular at Dr. Pemberton's.

Bearnard Bearansson

HH0212 - Coca-Cola delivery man

Hubeart Horatio Humperdink

HH0215 - One of Pemberton's Soda jerks

George Bearton

HH0214 - Pembearton Soda Jerk - "Who's behind the counter in that snappy new uniform? It's George Bearton. George is fascinated by what makes people tick. While serving up refreshing Coca-Cola he's always asking customers questions about their "demographic" - a word he's made up, meaning "How much money do you make; how many kids do you have; and how old are you." George will go on to be the founding partner is a new advertising agency: Batton, Bearton, Durstine and Osborn.
Third Series - 2000

Beartram LaBearon AKA
Sentany L. Bear

HH0223 - 100th Anniversary Soda Fountain bear.


HH0221 - .

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